Shang Chang Industry Co., Ltd

  Shang Chang Industry Co., Ltd was established in 1987 and already had 27 year history. It was set up in Shetou Town, Changwha County, Taiwan. From early time up to now, our company already has thousands of products. In this period, our company is continuing research and development and innovation, for following the fashion in various markets.

  Our company’s idea is honesty, quest of honor and serves guest. In 1997, the company moved to Li Shui Town, Nan Hai area, Foshan City, Guang Dong to investment with convenient transportation and geographic location. The factory’s production line of Shang Chang with an area of 9000 square meters in 19 acres of land. Also, our company buys every kind of automated and high-speed modern machines.

  Our main products are all export trade to Europe, Unite State and Japan. We seriously request our quality and quantity; also passing the human rights and quality’s Examines of field. Presently, our company is passing the other examines of field’s qualifications with cooperation customers.

  More than 27 years experience in producing elastic cord, wrist wrap, socks and etc. enables Shang Chang to have outstanding produce skills, qualified technicians and strong product team to make sure everything is conform to customer’s need and requirements and are upgraded continuously and rapidly to follow market tidal current. With these points, our products will be satisfied, relieved and dependable.

Employs: 210
Capital: 4.5 million HK dollars
Year of revenue: 80 million NT dollars